Project Overview:

Soundscape is a webapp that allows you to indulge in and immerse yourself to a world of pure tranquility. Feel the nature's melodic harmony and let your imagination transcend reality.


  • Pre-made high-quality, realistic soundscapes/ambience.
  • Profile system to save your favorite soundscapes.
  • Upload your own soundscapes/ambience.
  • Access to community uploads by other users.
  • Elegant, minimalistic user interface.
  • Customize your listening experience with a range of options.

Techstack & Takeaways:

I learned how to combine all of these tools:

  • React hooks
  • Context API
  • React Router
  • React Hook Form
  • React-Query (now Tanstack Query)
  • Redux-toolkit
  • Firebase
  • Authentication
  • Audio API
  • Framer Motion