Demo Link https://snipsnap-two.vercel.app/

Project Overview:

A playground for me combining TipTap, Monaco Editor & Offline persistence app


  1. TipTap - Headless Content Editor.
  2. Monaco Editor - Fully featured code editor from VSCode.
  3. DexieJS - A wrapper IndexedDB tool.
  4. Comlink - Comlink makes WebWorkers enjoyable.
  5. RoughJS - A graphics library that lets us draw in a sketchy, hand-drawn-like, style with canvas or SVG.

What I got:

  1. Familiar with Tiptap ✅.
  2. Familiar with Monaco Editor ✅.
  3. Run code in separate thread and communicate with another thread using Comlink ✅.
  4. Integrate with RoughJS to build a canvas drawer like excalidraw ✅.